Public Information
Everyone has the right to access public information , as well as take his assertion, if it does not contain state, professional or commercial secrets or personal data.
Public information application can be submitted on-site, by mail or electronically, through a public information program.
requested information will be issued immediately or by law prescribed within 10 days.
citizen has the right to choose a public information form (printed, copy or electronic version), if it exists in various forms, as well as access information in original.
Requested copies of public information in the form of the supply of "public information copy fee" of might be limited to public information in accordance with the law shall bear the following fees:
- copy - one page - 0.05 GEL
- printer - one page - 0.10 GEL
- compact disk recording of information - 1 disc - 2.65 GEL (Compact Disk in case of recording information free of charge).
In order of deny on access to public information the public agency shall, within 3 days of receipt of the decision in writing to the person to explain his rights and grievance procedure, as well as indicating the subdivision or public agency, which was consulted for information on denial of access to decision-making.
civil information on the refusal of the decision can be appealed to the officially served within one month of the higher-ranking officials.

The person responsible for public information:

Akaki Maisuradze
Tel.: (+995 32) 251-85-21 (246 i/n)
Fax.: (+995 32) 251-57-11

Legal Acts related to the Public Information Access:
the Constitution
the European Convention on Human Rights
the General Administrative Code of Georgia
the Law on Fees for copying public information
Rules of Proactive Disclosure of Public Information

Statement for a public information request
Form of Administrative complaint

Yearly Reports about Public Information:
Report 2013
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